Alabama Disc, Alabama Tigersnail

(G. H. Clapp, 1920)

Anguispira alabama







Taxonomic Information

Pyramidula cumberlandiana var. alabama

Original Combination:

Named for the state in which it was found


Original Description:

Differs from the type by its larger size, much finer and flatter ribs and more convex shape; carina white, sharp, but less pinched than in the type and the ribs on the carina much lower and less accentuated. Ground color lighter than in the Sewanee shells and markings darker. There is a single row of squarish flames just below the carina on the base. Umbilicus about one-fourth the diameter of the shell.
Gr. diam. 21 3/4, less. 19 1/2, alt. 9 1/2 mm. Aper. 9 1/2 X 8 mm. Whorls 6. Type.
Gr. diam. 21 1/4, less. 18 3/4, alt. 10 mm. Aper. 9 x 7 mm. Whorls 6. Huntsville.
Collected by H. H. Smith in 1905 on Vincent Mountain, near Gurley and on Smithers Mountain, 5 miles N. W. of Huntsville, both in Madison Co., Ala. Types No. 7132 of my collection (Gurley) and paratypes in the collections of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, and Dr. Bryant Walker, Detroit, Mich.

Original Description Citation:

Clapp, G. H. (1920). A new species of Pyramidula from Alabama with notes on P. cumberlandiana with new varieties. The Nautilus. 34(1): 23-26, pl. 1., available online at

Ecological Information



Nature Serve Conservation Status:

G2: Imperiled