Eastern Whitelip

(Say, 1817)

Neohelix albolabris







Taxonomic Information

Helix albolabris

Original Combination:

albo= white, labris = lips [latin]; refering to the white lip typical of adults of this species.


Original Description:

Shell thin, fragile; convex, imperforated; with six volutions, whorls obtusely wrinkled across, and spirally striated with very fine impressed lines, a little waved by passing over the wrinkled, both becoming extinct towards the apex, which is perfectly smooth; aperture lunated, not angulated at the base of the column but obtusely curved, lip contracting the mouth abruptly, widely reflected, flat and white.
Length of the column, three-fifths of an inch; breadth one inch.
Plate 1. Fig 1.
Lister conch. Tab 47 2
Rhodia Gmelin Edit. Syst. Nat.
The common garden snail, frequenting moist shaded situations, and is generally well known. It is very probably this is the Rhodia of Authors, but as in the description of that species nothing is mentioned of the reflected lip, and not having in our possession the vol. of Chemn. Conch. Referred to for a figure of it. We have made an interrogative reference, and for the present have adopted a new name. An umbilicate shell that very much resembles this species is sometimes found, but in consequence of not having a perfect specimen we have not figured it; it is much less than Albolabris, breadth about four-fifths of an inch, the pillar lip is a strong tooth placed obliquely as in H. tridentata; we have called it Helix Thyroidus.

Original Description Citation:

Say, T. (1817). Conchology. - In: Nicholson, W.: American edition of the British Encyclopedia, or, dictionary of arts and sciences comprising an accurate and popular view of the present improved state of human knowledge. First Edition, A-3 - C-6 [= 1-20], pl. [1-4].

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G5: Secure