Broad Button

(Pilsbry, 1900)

Mesomphix latior







Taxonomic Information

Omphalina laevigata latior

Original Combination:

latior = wider [latin]


Original Description:

Broad and depressed, more broadly excavated around the umbilicus than the typical form, the last whorl wider, its width at aperture (measured above) one-third the diameter of the shell, and far smoother than in Iaevigata, being wrinkled irregularly, but without the close, deeply cut and subregular rib-striae of the typical form of that species. Aperture oval-lunate, far wider than high. Color yellowish green. Alt. 13 1/2, diam. 24 mm., or as large as 14 X 27 mm.
Tallassee ford, Little Tennessee river, Monroe county, Tenn. ; also Chamber's creek Church, at junction of Chamber's creek with the Little Tennessee river.
A large, flattened and very green form, in which the rib-striae are obsolete on the last whorl, and the aperture decidedly oval. In O. l. perlaevis the base is more convex around the umbilicus, the mouth much more nearly round, and the last whorl narrower. O. I. latior has an elegant microscopic sculpture, which gives the upper surface a somewhat silky lustre.

Original Description Citation:

Pilsbry, H. A. (1900). Mollusca of the Great Smoky Mountains. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. 52: 110-150., available online at
page(s): 135

Ecological Information



Nature Serve Conservation Status:

G3: Vulnerable