Tombigbee Tigersnail

B. Walker, 1928

Anguispira macneilli







Taxonomic Information

Anguispira alternata macneilli

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Original Description:

Shell relatively small, depressed, thin, quite highly colored, with reddish spots rather than flames; body whorl rounded with rarely a slight appearance of angulation on the periphery; aperture nearly round; upper surface strongly ribbed, the ribs extending continously over the base into the umbilicus, but are much weaker below and frequently bifurcate towards the periphery; the microsculpture conststs of very fine striae between and parralell with the ribs. The type measures diam. 15.2, alt. 8.3 mm. Type: No. 38492 Coll. Walker. Cotypes in collection of Dr. George Clapp. Type Locality: Salco, Mobile Co. Alabama. Alabama Records: Barbour Co., Peaa River, W. of Elamville; Choctaw Co., Silas.; Mobile Co., Mobile; Greene Co. Boligee.; Sumter Co. Epes; Livingston. This very distinct, small variety is confined to the costal region of the southern part of the state. It extends up the valley of the Tombigbee River as far north as Greene County. It is closely related to a small form at Wilmington and Smith Island, N.C., but differs in being more coarsely ribbed, with less polished surface and also more depressed. The shells from Barbour County in the sculpture and texture apporach the North Carolina form.

Original Description Citation:

Walker, B. (1928). The terrestrial shell-bearing Mollusca of Alabama. Miscellaneous Publications of the Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan, 18: 1-180. page(s): 112, fig. 162

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G2: Imperiled