Inflectarius Smithii

(G. H. Clapp, 1905)

Inflectarius smithii







Taxonomic Information

Polygyra smithii

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Original Description:

Shell imperforate, depressed, thin, horn-color, densely covered with elevated, epidermal proccesses, giving the shell a scaly appearance, the hairs following the weak growth lines; embryonic whorls sculptured with elongate granules; spire low, convex, rounded sutures well impressed, whorls about 5.5; body-whorl obtusely carinated above the periphery in its first third; rounded, swollen and very deeply constricted back of the peristome, sharply descending in front; upper half of the aperture, viewed from the underside, forming a half circle; below the periphery almost straight, so that the whole effect is like a human ear; lip wide, white, concave above and flate below, at the periphery a wide, flat entering tooth, basal lip straight, slightly thickened on the upper margin; parietal wall bearing a large, high, very slightly curved tooth extending from the lip-tooth to the axis, a thin wash of whiteish callus connecting the upper and lower ends of the lip.
Gr. diam. 16.5, lesser 14, alt. 10 mm.
Gr. diam. 15.5, lesser 13.5, alt. 9 mm.
Gr. diam. 15, lesser 13, alt. 8.5 mm.
Gr. diam. 14.5, lesser 12.5, alt. 8.25 mm.
Gr. diam. 13.5, lesser 11.75, alt. 7.5 mm.
The first and tlast measurements given are the extremes of a considerable series, the average size being 15 mm.

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G2: Imperiled