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Diving into Science Fun at Flatwoods Elementary's Family Science Night

Last week, we had the pleasure of joining Flatwoods Elementary School for their Family Science Night, and what an evening it was! Chandler, Emma, and Will set up a table, similar to our recent presentation at the Alabama Museum of Natural History Day, where we delved into the fascinating world of marine invertebrates.

Chandler and Will showcasing marine life at Flatwood Elementary

Our showcase featured incredible marine creatures and videos from our expedition to Antarctica, bringing these distant worlds to life for the curious families in attendance. As the night unfolded, we were thrilled to see a fantastic turnout of eager learners, both young and old.


The reactions were a delightful mix of wide-eyed wonder and enthusiastic curiosity. Many students couldn't get enough of the strange and wonderful marine life on display. To our delight many parents where also very engaged and excited by our presentation and asked many great questions.

This experience got us thinking about the diverse preferences in scientific engagement between generations. While some kids were captivated by marine animals, others were drawn to more tactile experiences like a neighboring table that let them make their own slime. It's a balance we're constantly exploring—how to engage a broad audience and spark excitement about the biodiversity of our oceans.


The allure of the slime table left us pondering the importance of hands-on, tactile learning tools at such events. Perhaps incorporating more specimens to handle, along with engaging talking points about their textures and colors, could provide a richer experience for the kids.


Events like Family Science Night remind us of the joy of sharing science with our community, and the valuable lessons we learn from each interaction. Here's to more adventures in science outreach and finding innovative ways to make learning as exciting as a dive into the deep blue sea!

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